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First broadcast on instagram after many months of silence
First broadcast on instagram after many months of silence
It was difficult to decide to go on the air again, since my last broadcasts were at the beginning of the war. And some of my students, who previously respected and admired my work, suddenly began to despise and insult me just because I am Ukrainian. They were told on TV that all Ukrainians are bad.But life goes on! I made an effort on myself. Bad people are weeded out. Added more good ones. I love all my followers ❤
My British Christmas 
My first Christmas in the UK. Very exciting. Ukraine is a mostly Orthodox country and we have different customs than here in Britain. Therefore, it was very interesting to plunge into the atmosphere of Catholic Christmas - just like in films from childhood 🎄
Уникальная услуга
Captured today new tutorial of Christmas flowers and small glitter mushrooms. The second video tutorial made in the UK (we have not announced the first anywhere yet). Now we need a few days for post-production, and everyone will have the opportunity to quickly and easily learn how to make beautiful Christmas decorations with their own hands ;)
huge acorn
Sometimes we just want to fool around :))  
flower composition
One of my last creations
Flower composition in a pot. I had thoughts of doing it with backlight, but at first I decided to do it like this. I think it looks nice. Now I need to come up with something similar with backlight :)
How do you like my etsy banner? :) I need to develop an Etsy shop, but I just can't bring myself to it... Perhaps someone with experience could help me with this? ;)
Alice in Wonderland
Alice in Wonderland
Children's photo zone based on a famous fairy tale, made by my student after completing my courses
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